Usb Laser Mole Removal Pen Freckle Spot Dot Skin Tags Remover Machine Tattoo Cleaning Tools

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1*USB Cable
Instant spot removal is a high-tech beauty instrument today. Computer systems generate high-frequency currents to instantly remove freckles, age spots, flat moles, etc., which can achieve fast results without bleeding and pain.
Despeckle: Move the electroacupuncture point slightly back and forth to the spot, it can be clearly found that the melanin zooms out and falls off after the electroacupuncture is swept. If the spot is shallow and the area is small, it can be removed at once; if the area is larger, the pigmentation is deeper, 2 or 3 treatments are more appropriate. It should also be noted that when the beautician uses the acupuncture treatment, in addition to the customer maintaining a static posture, the beautician's hand holding the acupuncture should be balanced and not shake, so as not to cause burns during the treatment. Different shades affect wound healing and cause scarring.
Spot moles: When spotting moles, you should pay special attention to distinguishing the depth of moles. Some moles grow on the surface of the skin, while the roots of moles grow deep into the subcutaneous tissue. Do not cut the needle's surface through the surface of the mole once when using electric acupuncture. The burn method is used to remove burns. If you have deeper moles, in addition to avoiding inflammation after treatment, apply a nutrient cream such as a few live cells to the skin 2-3 days before the wound healing. When wiping the nutrient cream, care should be taken not to have inflammation on the wound, if not, do not wipe.
Granulation removal: Touch the port of the electric needle slightly to the granulation part, burn the root cells of the derived granulation with laser electroacupuncture, and the granulation will automatically fall off after about one week, or use the laser electroacupuncture to burn the granulation once, but the granulation The volume is not large, otherwise it should be burned several times to avoid affecting wound healing.
Tattoo removal: Generally, tattoos and tattoos are burned. The area is large. It is recommended to use a No. 3 needle. The method of burning tattoos is roughly the same as sweeping the spot, but it may take a little longer, and it needs continuous use. The area is too large. The big one (more than 3%) should be treated in multiple times, and must not be completed at one time. Otherwise, if you accidentally get bacterial inflammation, the consequences are unthinkable. Both the beautician and the customer should be particularly cautious. If there is a severe inflammation, they should be treated as soon as possible . .
1. Do not wash the affected area too much (use simple care) for 30 days. Do not scrub with force. Do not artificially make the crust peel off.
2. When the itch is itchy (growth period of tender meat), don't grab it by hand, wait for 20 to 30 days, and the cricket will fall off by itself.
3, the recovery period is 3 to 6 months, do not eat ginger (the skin is not so flat after recovery) beef (will be faint red) soy sauce (will have faint black) During the recovery period, pay attention to the above matters, the skin can recover 95% of the original skin. The pigment is directly burned through the machine, regardless of any color. Then the skin will become thin, and the pigment in the skin will be concentrated under the skin. When the pigment in the skin is removed, it will follow All of them are light and will not be infected.

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Usb Laser Mole Removal Pen Freckle Spot Dot Skin Tags Remover Machine Tattoo Cleaning Tools
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